Farm Better: Growing A Brighter Tomorrow

The heart of the agricultural community? Farmers, who are building upon the pride of previous generations.

For farmers, agriculture isn’t just an industry – it’s a way of life. When they till the field, plant seed and cultivate crops, there’s a passion that keeps them moving forward; a sense of purpose that can’t be replicated.

That passion and purpose is driven by strong feelings of family tradition and the desire to keep growing the business. Passed on throughout generations, farming brings people together through a collective love for the land and the pride of surpassing personal goals. Alongside loving what they do, farmers are also faced with a growing responsibility to continue building a stronger, more sustainable world. And as new technology and innovations are being developed, every contribution helps in bettering our global landscape.

Never give up. This summer after five years of challenging drought, we harvested the best wheat my 78-year-old father-in-law has ever grown. It was a highlight of a life of hard work and sacrifice. The challenges that he has experienced ... depict why [evolving] is not only smart but also exciting. So never, never, never give up. There’s always next year.”

—Shari D.

Ag is Evolving

Farming isn’t just a job, it’s a family legacy. Discover how it’s evolved across generations.

Solutions that will help us mitigate or reduce the amount of nitrogen losses in the environment, and at the same time, reduce costs for growers and also increase yields… Creating a win-win-win for growers and another win for the environment. ”

—Dr. Tom Mueller, Data Research Agronomist

Discover how technological solutions and dealers are improving everyday operations

A New Frontier

Every year, modern farmers are dedicated to producing higher yields and more sustainable practices. Backed by our commitment to growing and guiding the global agricultural revolution, farmers are adopting new solutions every day to help them achieve their goals.

Technology is one of the most effective ways farmers solve today and tomorrow’s challenges. To improve day-to-day operations, farmers embrace developing technologies benefitting the land, equipment and communities on a global scale. With digital data, inputs can be used to refine management and help farmers make important decisions, allowing for higher crop yields and more sustainable preparation practices. It also helps them lower costs, keeping them in business for a long time to come.

Innovation starts with a question and the pursuit of an answer.”

—Sue Gray, Agronomic Consultant

There’s new technologies coming out every day… the way it’s going right now it’s just going to keep progressing and keep going up.”

—FFA Member

The Next Generation

Farming is already in the soul and spirit of the next generation, because the passion for agriculture often begins at an early age. This was the idea behind the National FFA Organization, which was founded in 1928. Today, the next generation is telling an important story. From knowing where food comes from to understanding the importance of efficient farming practices, they’re making a significant change in this landscape for the better.

Whether it’s through the National FFA Organization or conversations in the combine during harvest, understanding and committing to doing more for the land with new equipment and technology moves production forward, today and tomorrow.

Learn how the youth generation can change the world.

“I see myself probably becoming a farmer after my dad hands the farm down to me….I can help the world in many different ways.” – FFA Member

“[I want] to practice leadership, learning how to run equipment and how the world works with farming.” – FFA Member

“We [need] to learn to grow more on less space and it will help with urbanization and different issues that we are facing right now with not having enough land or land being too expensive.” – FFA Member

“A lot of kids just think we get food from the grocery store. But there’s people out in the fields - some work 18 hour shifts - just trying to get that food for you and put in on your table.” – FFA Member

Sunrise, Sunset

As the agricultural community grows every year, farmers learn and improve from new solutions and technologies. Because no matter the everyday difficulties, farming is part of their identity; it represents their determination, skill and passion for the land. And as the industry continues to grow, it’s precisely the hard work and constant innovation that moves our world forward.



Farm Better: Growing A Brighter Tomorrow


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